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The Lada Vesta 2024 began to be equipped with a Chinese WLY CVT18 CVT transmission. She is familiar from the models of the Chery brand. AvtoVAZ explained why they chose this particular gearbox for the model in their Telegram channel. It is noted that some changes were made to the Chinese CVT in order to adapt it for use on a domestic car. Now shifting up gears is done by moving towards you. In addition to the CVT, the engine and ABS, which are used in the Vesta, were reconfigured.

The new transmission has a very high level of reliability and is designed for high torque – from 180 Nm. In general, the gearbox fits into the engine compartment of the car. Expert Rakitin noted that the WLY variator is well suited for Vesta, but special attention should be paid to maintenance. It is important to change the oil at regular intervals, as well as to accelerate carefully and avoid overheating. It is noted that some changes were made to the right-hand drive of the model, which improved handling (photo: Lada).

Earlier it became known why rust appears on new cars. In some cases, it can be noticed a year after purchase.

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