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Residents of the Far Eastern District have the least amount of money to save for a Lada Vesta or Hyundai Solaris, as calculated by together with AvtoVAZ’s flagship will cost 12.8 local salaries, and the South Korean “state employee” will cost 17.9. At the same time, in the spring, cars in general became slightly more affordable for Russians, analysts say.

Residents of the North-Eastern District will need to save their salaries for about 16 months to purchase a Lada Vesta. A little longer – 16.6 months – you will have to save in the Ural Federal District.

Vesta turned out to be the least affordable in the Southern Federal District, where it accounts for 22.2 average salaries. In second and third place from the bottom are the Volga (20.8) and Central (20.7) districts.

It turned out why the Lada Vesta in Belarus is 20% cheaper than in Russia AvtoVAZ raised prices for scarce versions of the Lada Granta Used cars in Russia will rise in price even more

As for the Hyundai Solaris, in addition to the Far East, it is easiest to buy it for residents of the Northwestern (19.4) and Ural (21.5) Federal Districts. Residents of the Volga (27.1), Central (25.9) and Southern federal districts (29) have to save the longest.

In January, cars sharply became less affordable for Russians. In December, a used domestic car could be bought for 18.5 salaries, and at the beginning of the year – already for 20.8. The availability index of foreign cars increased from 23.2 to 26.6. In the spring, the situation stabilized due to an increase in median wages and a slight decrease in prices. In March, the index for Russian cars dropped to 18.2 points, and for foreign cars – to 23.4.

Meanwhile, sales of new cars in Russia have been declining for the second month in a row. In May, Russians bought 127 thousand cars, which is seven percent less than in April. At the end of five months of 2024, the car market surpassed the mark of half a million cars.

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