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The i-Van electric minivan is being prepared for launch in Russia – the new product will become the fifth model in the Evolute line, a Russian brand that produces refurbished Chinese cars at the Motorinvest Lipetsk plant. The i-Van is no exception – it is a Chinese Dongfeng LingZhi EV with different nameplates. The model has already appeared on the website of one of the official dealers with the mark “coming soon”: i-Van costs four million rubles.

The Evolute press service reports that the i-Van is adapted for Russian operating conditions. The electric van has a synchronous motor with a peak power of 122 horsepower, rear-wheel drive and a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 67.5 kilowatt-hours. The declared range on one charge is 400 kilometers. Slow charging time is 15 hours, and fast charging mode charges the battery from 30 to 80 percent in 37 minutes.

Evolute i-Van
Evolute Dongfeng LingZhi EV

The i-Van has a seven-passenger cabin with two separate captain’s chairs in the second row and a three-passenger sofa with folding backrests in the rear. Options include air conditioning, parking sensors, a rear view camera and an audible warning system for pedestrians about the approach of a silent electric car.

Evolute i-Van

The driver’s seat has six adjustments, and the front passenger seat has four. There is a multimedia system with a 10-inch screen, three USB ports and a 3.5-inch screen on the dashboard.

On the website of one of the official dealers there are six copies of the Evolute i-Van in black and white. All have rear-wheel drive and the only equipment costing 4,001,900 rubles.

In addition to the i-Van, the Evolute model line includes the i-Pro sedan (from 1.8 million rubles), the i-Joy and i-Sky crossovers, which cost from 2.86 and 3.99 million rubles, as well as a 585-horsepower i-Jet sports SUV, which is not yet for sale.

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