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Identical six-cylinder all-terrain vehicles in the Adventure configuration with color schemes, LED blue beams and black numbers with code 18 (assigned to the Ministry of Emergency Situations) have been spotted on the streets of the capital. Judging by open data, the previous carriers of numbers 0004mm 18 and 0007mm 18 were Toyota Land Cruiser 200 model 2015.

Tank 500 – a worthy replacement for the Prado?

The Ministry of Emergency Situations purchased a white Tank 500 with a V6 engine in the initial version. Special features of such SUVs are fixed running boards, a radiator grille with frequent horizontal slats and the absence of a spare wheel on the fifth door. The 2024 “500th” costs 6.5 million rubles, but the government agency could take “last year’s” cars and save up to 450 thousand rubles.

Sergey Ilyin

The number of Tank 500 SUVs purchased by the Ministry of Emergency Situations could not be found in open sources. However, the power structure has several dozen Land Cruisers and Land Cruiser Prados on its balance sheet: Japanese models are from four to twenty years old. Other foreign cars are gradually beginning to be replaced by “Chinese” ones: instead of Toyota Camry, Chery Arrizo 8, Haval Dargo and F7x are being purchased.

Hybrids appeared in FSO motorcades for the first time: these are SUVs from China

Tank 500 SUVs have been featured in government procurement for a long time. Moreover, the authorities are taking not only traditional gasoline versions, but also self-charging hybrids. Features of the gasoline-electric Tank 500 – seven-seater interior and original exterior

Steeper than the mountains: tuning SUVs

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