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There’s a company in the US called Tower Trikes that makes what they call “the world’s safest motorcycle.” True, there are several but: this is not a motorcycle, and it is safe only because it is big.

It was invented by Jim Gesto, who lives in South Bend, Indiana, whose business has long been associated with trucks.

“What scared me most was when a car ran over a motorcycle… How to solve this problem? Well, it’s enough to have a big motorcycle to run over a car,” Jim Gesto explains his idea.

This is how the Tower Trike was born, and this thing is simply obscenely massive and, moreover, defies the definition of a motorcycle. It has four wheels (although the front two are located very close to each other). The trikes are powered by Detroit or Cummins diesel engines with power up to 350 hp. The maximum speed is stated at 160 km/h.

Tower Trike is 5.2 meters long and weighs almost 4900 kg. And on the tail of each trike there is a huge cross and signs with the Ten Commandments, as well as a greeting to police officers and firefighters.

“Our Tower Trikes are designed to give you the freedom to ride a motorcycle without having to worry about all the dangers that await bikers on the roads,” says the official website.

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