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The recommended income of borrowers for servicing a car loan in April was 116.8 thousand rubles, as calculated by the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI). Over the year, this amount increased by 14.6 percent, but over the past three months it has decreased slightly – by 3.6 percent. When calculating, we took into account loan rates, the term and amount of the monthly payment, which is no more than 30 percent of income.

The highest recommended income is expected in Moscow – 167.4 thousand rubles. In three months it grew by 5.7 thousand. In Dagestan, on the contrary, it fell by 20.7 thousand, to 105.5 thousand rubles.

As for the national average, in March last year it was 102 thousand rubles, and by December it jumped to 121.2 thousand.

In Russia, prices for used Lada cars have risen sharply. The cost of owning an Exeed TXL has been calculated. Used Chinese cars have fallen in price in Russia.

At the beginning of 2024, the recommended income fell slightly. The reasons for this are the overstocking of warehouses after the New Year holidays and the extension of the “discount” period, note the NBKI. In addition, the policy of the creditor banks had an impact: they often increased the loan term, thereby reducing the monthly payment for the client.

At the same time, Russians began to take out more loans. In May, they concluded 493 thousand loan agreements for the purchase of a car – almost twice as many as a year ago. And this despite the fact that you often have to pay for seven or eight years, due to high rates, paying double the price for cars.

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