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This was announced by the head of marketing and communications of NPK Avtopribor, Tatyana Kolosunina. According to the expert, the current figure is a record for the country over the past few years. At the same time, the most counterfeits are found in the segment of budget and mass-produced cars. First of all, the situation is related to complex logistics supply chains.

In the process of opaque logistics, more and more counterfeit spare parts are penetrating the Russian market. Today, almost a third of components are counterfeit. In addition, retailers are complaining about extended delivery times, as well as numerous delays of parts at customs.

In Russia, delivery times for auto parts have increased, and that’s why Services want to allow car repairs with non-original spare parts. The Russian market is flooded with fake spare parts for cars.

To solve the problem, the Russian authorities need to join forces with suppliers. Specialists must strengthen quality control, as well as introduce marking systems to identify spare parts. Market players should also inform buyers about the risk of purchasing counterfeit products. In turn, Russian companies must continue to increase production volumes, as well as improve the quality of their own products.

In early March, experts reported that the number of counterfeit auto parts has increased in Russia. Then about a quarter of service centers encountered counterfeit parts.

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