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A man working as a private driver in Britain owns a Tesla Model S with over 692,000 km on the clock and the original battery. Notably, he doesn’t have to pay to use any of the branded Superchargers.

The black Model S in question belongs to Paul. In 2016, he decided to create an airport taxi service with an eco-friendly twist.

When Paul purchased this Model S 90D, Tesla was offering free charging on its vehicles for the life of the electric vehicle. Paul estimates he saves between $8,900 and $12,700 on annual charging costs on each of the two Model S’s he owns.

The owner says the electric car has lost about 105 km of range, or about 23% of its original range. This is not bad considering Tesla charges several times a day and always to 100%.

Of course, the car shows some signs of heavy use. So, the front part is covered with chips. The owner also had an incident with the branded autopilot, which caused him to run into a bunch of cones: repairs cost several thousand dollars.

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