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According to the portal, motorists can stop next to public transport stops for five minutes to get on and off, provided that they do not interfere with buses, trams or trolleybuses. In other cases, passenger cars are allowed to stop at a distance of 15 meters from the stops.

A distance of 15 meters is measured in both directions from the yellow zigzag markings, from public transport stop signs or from the designated stop pocket. In the case of pedestrian crossings, motorists can stop at a distance of no closer than five meters. At the same time, drivers must be sure that there is at least three meters from the car to the solid dividing marking line.

For violation of the above rules, drivers face a fine, as well as towing of the vehicle. In Moscow, the sanction will be three thousand rubles. At the same time, citizens will have to spend additional money and effort to return cars from impound lots. In this regard, the traffic police urges drivers to be more careful and follow traffic rules.

The day before, the head of the traffic police banned fining cars without registration plates. At the same time, experts believe that unscrupulous drivers will take advantage of this right.

Police sports cars have already left for us

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