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The Chinese website of the government certification body MIIT published characteristics and photographs of the new Haval Raptor crossover from Great Wall Motor. In addition to the new appearance, there are also technical changes: if the old Raptor was available only as a PHEV hybrid, the new one will be offered with an internal combustion engine.

The Haval Raptor first entered the Chinese market in October 2023. The SUV is based on the Lemon platform from Great Wall Motor. Following its launch, the Raptor sold approximately 6,000 units within three months. But then sales declined. Updating the appearance and adding an internal combustion engine option is intended to bring sales levels back.

The Raptor has changed in appearance. Its round headlights have been replaced with rectangular ones and are smaller in size. The grille is now black with vertical chrome slats, and there is more plastic trim on the lower body. Thanks to these changes, the updated Raptor began to differ from the flagship Haval H9.

The dimensions of the SUV are 4680x1950x1822 mm, and the wheelbase is 2738 mm. The approach and departure angles are 25 and 32 degrees, respectively. Track – 1640 mm. The Haval Raptor seats five inside and has a curb weight of 1,830 kg.

The new SUV is equipped with a 2-liter GW4N20A turbocharged engine producing 175 kW (235 hp). There is no information about the gearbox yet. The maximum speed reaches 200 km/h.

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