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In the spring of 2023, Renault introduced the updated Clio. The hatchback received a new appearance with a spectacular “light signature”, upholstery made from bio- and recycled materials and a sports version of the Esprit Alpine, which replaced the RS Line. However, for the new modification of the bestseller, all this is irrelevant, since the French automaker announced three versions of the Clio for professional motorsport. In 2024, a restyled version of the car will hit the roads.

Since the release of the first generation in 1990, almost 16 million Clios have found owners in more than 120 countries, and in 1991 the first racing modification of the hatchback appeared. Its sales, naturally, are lower than those of the road version, but still this Renault is one of the most common in world motorsport.

The work on the racing version of the Renault Clio was carried out by specialists from Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Redele and Alpine Racing in Viry-Chatillon. The French sports car manufacturer is now responsible for Renault’s racing program, so the hatchback features an Esprit Alpine monogram on the fenders and Alpine logos on the bumpers.

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In the works are rally hatchbacks according to the regulations of Rally3, Rally4 and Rally5, a ring modification for the Clio Cup monocup and a Clio RX for rallycross. For those who already have a previous generation model at their disposal, the company is ready to offer sets of modernized parts to bring old cars into line with the current design.

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