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It seems that rumors about the closure of the GTX line were greatly exaggerated. Six months ago we heard VW was ready to ditch the three-letter nameplate, but now in the space of one week the brand has launched three new GTX models, including this, the first twin-motor ID.Buzz.

Coming on the heels of the single-engine ID.3 GTX hot hatchback and the twin-engine ID.7 GTX estate, the ID.Buzz GTX minivan has a lot in common with the ID.7. It is equipped with the same 282 hp engine. (207 kW), mounted at the rear and driving the rear wheels, which, as in the case of the station wagon, is combined with a second electric motor producing 108 hp. (80 kW) in the bow, responsible for the front wheels. The total output of the power plant is 335 hp.

All of this is powered by either a 79 kWh battery if you opt for the five-passenger Buzz GTX with the standard wheelbase, or an 86 kWh battery in the case of the long-wheelbase three-row minivan. VW doesn’t give range figures, but tells us that the short one will charge at 185kW and the long one at 200kW, meaning both can be charged from 20 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes.

Both versions accelerate to 100 km/h in the same 6.5 seconds, which seems strange given that the long-wheelbase version with a larger battery should weigh significantly more. This acceleration makes it slightly slower than the ID.7 GTX (5.6 seconds) and also less quick than the rear-wheel drive ID.3 GTX (5.6–6.0 seconds depending on version).

But it also means the ID.Buzz GTX won’t be too far behind the new Golf GTI (6.3 seconds) and will be well ahead of the single-engine ID.Buzz with its 201 hp electric motor. (10.2 seconds). And ID.Buzz GTX is faster than the regular version – 160 versus 145 km/h. The towing capacity of the long-wheelbase GTX increases from 1000 to 1600 kg, and that of the short-wheelbase GTX from 800 to 1800 kg.

Like other models bearing the GTX nameplate, the faster ID.Buzz takes a low-key approach to showcasing its extra power. And yet there are differences. For example, there’s a new lower bumper with the same weird thin-lipped, pouty smile found on the sporty ID.3, as well as a diamond-mesh grille finished in high-gloss black, like the mirror caps.

The ID.Buzz GTX comes standard with 19-inch Venlo alloy wheels, but these can be upgraded to 21-inch wheels. One big plus for the GTX is the color. Cherry Red, available either on its own or paired with Silver, is exclusive to the GTX, although buyers can choose colors from the regular ID.Buzz palette.

The interior, like the exterior, is a model of restraint. The GTX is the only ID.Buzz to get a black headliner and extensive use of black plastics where light colors would normally be seen, and black microfleece seats with red piping, as well as red stitching on the steering wheel.

SWB versions get a choice of two-, five-, or three-row six-seat configurations, while the longer Buzz adds a seven-seat option. All will get VW’s latest ChatGPT-based infotainment system and 12.9-inch touchscreen, as well as the option of a huge panoramic roof with smart glass.

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