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Right now in New Jersey, the last surviving Mack M100SX, the largest truck the manufacturer has ever built, is undergoing a comprehensive restoration after decades of sitting.

It’s so gigantic and so special that Mack only built three of them in the mid-1960s. The surviving example was completed in April or May 1967.

Its length is 9779 mm, height – 4114 mm, and it weighed more than 43 tons. The gross weight is 150 tons, which means that its lifting capacity exceeds 100 tons.

The huge tractor was equipped with a Detroit Diesel 12V149T V12 two-stroke diesel engine with a displacement of 29.3 liters.

It is equipped with a twin turbocharger and produced about 1000 horsepower and 2500 Nm of torque at 1900 rpm.

After a long period of inactivity, the unusual Mack ended up in the collection of Gary Mahan in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It is run by a foundation whose purpose is to preserve and restore vintage commercial vehicles. Every year they present new completed projects at truck shows.

“We’ve been hearing for the past five years that Mack was for sale,” explains Katherine Piper, vice president of The Mahan Collection Foundation. “We tried to make an offer to buy it, but we couldn’t come to an agreement.”

That changed when the Mahan group learned that the previous owners were considering selling it for scrap. Knowing this, Gary enlisted the help of other classic truck fans to put this plan into action.

It now resides in Basking Ridge, and the Mahan Collection Foundation intends to restore it to working condition, sandblast it, and fully paint it.

The tractor was originally built as a mining dump truck, but was later converted into a tractor with its own specialized heavy-duty semi-trailer.

The Mahan Collection acquired only the truck serial number “M100SX1003”, which was the third and final truck produced.

Records show the machine was first delivered to Hoffman Rigging and Crane in New Jersey on January 21, 1970. In the 1970s and 80s, the tractor-trailer could be found near the company’s base, but it was later moved to Texas.

It was in service with Mashburn Trucking for a time, but was later purchased and shipped back to New Jersey. This journey took two full weeks.

After that, according to rumors, the Mack M100SX1003 helped expand and rebuild the Newark airport, and then completely served as a static load: on top of an eight-axle semi-trailer, still coupled to the tractor, 1000 tons of stones and gravel were covered.

As a result, the guys from the Mahan Foundation managed to extract only the tractor itself. Given the size and weight of the trailer, it could only be transported on a barge or cut into pieces. So they decided not to pick it up since it wasn’t original.

The restoration process is in full swing, and we can only wait for the refreshed tractor to be shown to the public.

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