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Chinese automaker Zeekr, which is actively entering the Russian electric vehicle market, has declassified details about its advanced Mix model. This futuristic electric car was originally developed together with the American startup Waymo to create a car with advanced autopilot functions.

The project was initially called M-Vision and involved equipping an electric vehicle with a range of sophisticated autonomous driving sensors. However, over time the concept has evolved towards more traditional management. The result is a futuristic capsule-shaped minivan with a long LED “Zeekr Stargate” screen across the entire width of the front end, reminiscent of the recently introduced Zeekr 007 sedan. The Mix also borrowed a powerful power plant of up to 421 hp from the “seventh” model. So far, only a rear-wheel drive version has been announced, but all-wheel drive is also possible. The dimensions of the minivan are 4688 x 1995 x 1755 mm with a wheelbase of 3008 mm.

Thus, the Zeekr Mix became a kind of intermediate link between the ambitious development of a fully self-driving electric car and a more practical, stylish model with modern equipment but traditional controls. For now, the Chinese brand is keeping data on the power reserve and other key characteristics of its new product secret. (photo:

Meanwhile, the American sedan Chevrolet Monza is gaining great popularity in the Russian Federation. Why this car began to be in demand among compatriots, we described in a separate article.

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