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According to the Autobroker Club portal, the general director of Zetta LLC, A. N. Lee, contacted journalists. According to him, “the project continues to exist, and currently there is a reorganization of processes, production and replacement of the component base.” He also clarified that the building, which was previously called the company’s property, was only rented by Zetta, and he called the information about the sale of equipment unreliable. At the same time, the criminal case initiated against Zetta LLC was not mentioned.

Zetta is a project of the “first Russian electric car” that has existed since 2017. He envisioned the production of a three-door electric city car just over three meters long: it was supposed to have a metal frame, composite hinged panels and Duyunov asynchronous motor wheels, accelerating the car to 120 kilometers per hour. The power reserve without recharging is 180 kilometers, and the price is just over half a million rubles.

In 2022, information appeared that the company had assembled only five copies of the Zetta, and at this point work on the model stalled due to lack of funding. The Ministry of Industry and Trade, whose budgetary funds, in particular, were used to develop the electric car, then stated that they “did not receive information about the termination of work on the project,” and added that, according to the ministry, Zetta is attracting new investments.

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The next time Zetta was remembered was in April of this year: information appeared again that the project had failed, and the company allegedly went bankrupt and was forced to sell off its property, including the building in Tolyatti and equipment. The latter turned out to be just a rumor – the company rented the premises, but did not get rid of the equipment.

What is known for sure is that the prosecutor’s office of the Samara region conducted a prosecutor’s inspection, as a result of which a criminal case was opened against the Tolyatti LLC “Zetta” for fraud on an especially large scale. We are talking about funds allocated for research and development work. The startup entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and received a subsidy from the state in the amount of 284 million rubles – it was transferred to Zetta’s account at the end of 2017. However, the company did not fulfill the terms of the agreement on time: the volume of completed work ranges from 21 to 47 percent. What will happen next to the project is still unknown.

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