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Grigory Kolpakov, lawyer, founder and head of the company “Auto Lawyer No. 1”, told Avto about how not to pay for illegal confiscation. According to the specialist, the first thing the driver should do is try to get to the car before the end of the evacuation. In this case, the vehicle must be returned, and the owner will get off with a fine for violating the Traffic Rules.

Evacuation is considered illegal if the traffic police officer did not draw up a report on the detention of the vehicle before loading the vehicle. In this situation, the driver needs to record the inspector’s violation on video, and then file a complaint for a fine.

In Russia, car evacuation has become more expensive. In Russia, they proposed to abolish fines for not having a driver’s license. The traffic police explained how to avoid getting a fine for parking next to a traffic stop.

If the motorist considers himself innocent, it is necessary to collect evidence within ten days, which is attached along with the complaint. During the hearing, the judge will examine the materials and determine whether there was actually a violation of the Traffic Rules.

Last October, fines for towing cars increased in Russia. The cost of storing cars in impound lots has also increased in price.

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