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The taxi market in the Kaliningrad region has turned out to be oversaturated, as the carriers themselves say. Every day, 4-6 thousand cars operating in the taxi service ply around the region. At the same time, the number of taxi drivers is increasing – about 6,000 drivers connect to services throughout the region every day.

At the same time, it would be enough if there were about 3 thousand machines operating in this area in the region. Thus, the demand for this work in the region has exceeded supply and does not correspond to the demand for taxi services themselves. In turn, this situation leads to the fact that the price tag for travel is reduced due to increased supply. Carriers expressed their dissatisfaction about this.

Meanwhile, a neural network has appeared in the service for selling and buying cars. It allows you to objectively assess the condition of cars for sale and display the real price tag for the car.

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