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Azerbaijani tuner presented a modern version of ZAZ-965

The passion for vintage aesthetics leads to the emergence of unique cars, created not by automakers, but by ordinary “garage” craftsmen. A striking example of this is the ZAZ-965, converted by an enthusiast from Azerbaijan in his own garage. If you ask yourself what it is, then you can vaguely say that this is exactly how the new generation “Zaporozhets” should look and drive.

But first, a little background. The author always dreamed of a retro car and after a long search he bought a Zaporozhets in its original condition. Initially, only minor improvements were planned. But, as you know, appetite comes with eating. As a result, the modest “restyling” turned into a large-scale modernization that lasted several years.

To give the car a modern style, 16-inch Volk Rays TE37 alloy wheels with Continental sports tires were installed. The body was cleared of decor, making it laconic and stylish. The wheel arches were widened and painted blue-gray.

At first, a VAZ-2103 engine was installed in the engine compartment. Then it was replaced with a 1.7-liter Niva engine producing 73 hp. with better traction. To do this, it was necessary to expand the luggage compartment lid, where the engine is located, and move the cooling system.

The exhaust system was made from scratch, thanks to which, despite the impressive pipes, the sound was quiet. The suspension was made hybrid: the rear one is from a ZAZ-968, the stabilizer and calipers are from a VAZ-2106, the brakes are from a VAZ-2108. The interior was soundproofed and re-sheathed. We added new seats, a steering wheel and restored the dashboard with LED backlighting.

As a result, the author created a stylish retro car that combines vintage charm and modern technology. This unique “Zaporozhets” attracts attention on the road and pleases the owner with the opportunity to ride the legend in comfort. (photo:

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