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Tuners from Azerbaijan showed a GAZ-24 with a BMW engine

The desire for individuality in a car leads to the emergence of unique projects. One such example is the GAZ-24 restomod from an enthusiast from Azerbaijan. External restoration is combined here with powerful technical changes, which, in fact, makes this project unique.

The future owner carefully selected a donor for the project and settled on a Volga example in relatively intact condition. Initially, the plan was only to restore it for everyday driving. But then the decision came to turn the car into something special that would attract the attention of others.

Work began with the body. The craftsmen brought the metal to almost perfect condition, and the painting was done at a Volvo service center, which already speaks of the quality of the work performed. For the updated Volga, stylish 20-inch Breyton Race GTS2 wheels with low-profile tires were purchased. All the gaps were adjusted so carefully that the car did not even leave the factory assembly line in this condition. Another important decision is replacing the headlights with LED ones with lens optics.

However, the transformation affected not only the appearance, but also the technical content. To give the Volga speed characteristics, a BMW M62B46TU V8 engine with a power of 347 hp was installed. with a 5-speed automatic transmission from the same automaker. The brake system was completely replaced with disc mechanisms with multi-piston calipers.

The interior has been transformed with fiberglass parts, a Mitsubishi Lancer dashboard, and Mercedes-Benz leather seats. Craftsmanship and painstaking work have created a car that perfectly combines classic looks and modern power. This unique GAZ-24 restomod is a dream for connoisseurs of retro style who want to drive a legend with the comfort and speed of a modern car. (photo:

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