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The Institute for the Study of Contemporary Policy Problems proposed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to introduce such limiters throughout the country in order to reduce the number of accidents with personal mobility devices (PIM). Traffic regulations for such vehicles, which came into force a year ago, affected kicksharing, but not private devices. At the same time, the number of SIMs and accident rates are growing rapidly.

Over the nine months of last year, more than 2.6 thousand accidents involving SIM were recorded, according to a note addressed to the head of the traffic police, Mikhail Chernikov. This is approximately three times more than in the same period in 2022. More and more often, accidents occur on sidewalks, in parks and even on playgrounds.

Traffic regulations are not being followed: the ban on accelerating faster than 25 kilometers per hour is observed by kick-sharing services, but not by the owners of private devices.

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Prohibitory measures, including the introduction of closed zones, are also not a solution, the authors of the idea believe. The institute points out that it is precisely favorable conditions for those who like to drive fast that lead to accidents. The solution could be artificial bumps on sidewalks, similar to those used by cars.

In June, the State Duma will consider a bill that would tighten penalties for scooter riders who violate traffic rules. Drunk driving will result in a fine of 30 thousand rubles, speeding – up to five thousand, driving not alone – up to three thousand. It is unclear how violators will be caught. It was previously reported that road cameras would be used to spy on them, but the issue of device recognition remains open.

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