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The Russian showed the new GAZ-M20 “Pobeda” based on Toyota and Volga

GAZ M-20 “Pobeda” is an iconic car of the Stalin era, personifying luxury by the standards of that time. Today, this fastback from Gorky has become a rarity, found only in private collections, and often in deplorable condition. However, there are cases when enthusiasts decide to revive the legend, giving it a modern gloss while maintaining its historical appearance. One such restoration project deserves special attention.

The author of the project was faced with the task of not only restoring the exterior of the Pobeda as much as possible, but also completely modernizing its technical contents and interior. After a long search, the ideal candidate was found – with a well-maintained body, but requiring a serious revision of all systems. To realize the ambitious goal, two donors were attracted – Toyota Mark 2 and GAZ-3110 Volga.

Under the hood is an engine from a Japanese sedan along with its transmission. The braking system has been completely updated, and components from Volga have been widely used in the suspension, together with the rear mechanisms of one of the Volvo models. Also in the Pobeda arsenal was power steering.

The interior was restored using red leatherette, while integrating modern keyless entry systems and push-button start of the internal combustion engine. In the trunk we had to sacrifice capacity to accommodate a powerful audio system with a subwoofer and amplifiers.

After the technical restoration, it was time for the body work. The repairmen completely rid the Pobeda of rust, treated it with a protective anti-corrosion agent and painted it deep black. At the same time, most of the chrome parts have given way to brushed aluminum.

As a result, after 4 years of painstaking work and costs of over a million rubles, the Soviet fastback regained its shine, but with modern amenities and driving habits. This project is a prime example of how an iconic vintage car can be brought back to life. (photo:

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