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This incredible collection of 1970-1971 Challengers and Barracudas, captured by the Auto Archeology YouTube channel, is part of an even larger Mopar collection.

The footage shows at least eight 1970 Dodge Challenger convertibles. Their technical condition is unknown, as is the presence of the original engine and transmission, but at least half of them appear to be R/T cars. And that’s a big deal, since only 963 of the 3,884 Challenger convertibles built in 1970 were ordered with the R/T package.

At least one of the cars in the collection is equipped with a 7.2-liter Six Pack engine, making it one of only 99 examples. There are also quite rare convertible versions of the 440 and 383 R/T. A total of 163 and 692 copies were produced, respectively.

As for the Plymouth Barracuda, the collection includes a 1970 convertible in Cuda variant. If original, it is one of only 548 examples built with the Performance package (out of 2,501 convertibles built in 1970).

An even rarer copy from 1971 is also stored here – one of 374 produced. There are several E-body hardtops in the collection: half a dozen 1970 and 1971 Barracudas, including a 1970 Six Barrel, of which 1,784 were made.

Finally, the warehouse is completely stocked with parts for these cars: several engine blocks, carburetors, doors, windows and fenders. At first glance, it seems that the owner of all this could assemble at least a dozen cars.

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