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The Italian coachbuilder has unveiled the latest version of its Touring supercar series, the Arese RH95 Vento D’Oro 2024. With its refined looks and luxurious details, the vehicle is very similar to Ferrari models.

The machine stands out with its characteristic gold leaf accents, delicately decorating the white body. Retaining the custom carbon fiber bodywork of the original sports car, this handcrafted masterpiece looks very luxurious. Although the company has not officially revealed the donor car for the RH95 series, the performance and interior strongly suggest a connection to Ferrari’s 488 (photo: Touring Superleggera).

Inside the supercar, the theme of elegance continues with gold accents adorning the white leather and Alcantara upholstery. Under the hood of the car is a V-shaped “eight” with a maximum performance of 661 “horses”.

Just recently, Porsche announced the imminent release of a 911 with a hybrid engine. Such a sports car will appear very soon.

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