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The Japanese brand implemented a unique project together with the company Rinnai. With the help of an unusual solution, the car manufacturer promotes the use of hydrogen as a fuel. In addition, as part of the collaboration, specialists developed a compact grill that also runs on hydrogen.

In the oven design, the developers used the hydrogen supply and control system from Toyota Mirai. At the same time, the control system is the same as in conventional household ovens. In addition, the hydrogen oven is equipped with all the traditional elements: a chimney and a semicircular area in which the pizza is placed.


Representatives of the Japanese brand reported that the hydrogen oven is completely waste-free, since the gas combines with oxygen during combustion, forming steam. The automaker also emphasized that cooking pizza with hydrogen makes it tastier, since this gas can be used to cook faster, saturating the food with moisture.

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In addition, as part of the joint collaboration, the specialists developed a compact barbecue oven, on which the chefs of the Japanese brand will prepare food for the racers of the Toyota factory rally team.

In early June, a unique Land Rover Defender equipped with a pizza oven was developed for the Formula 1 pilot. The modernization of the SUV took more than a thousand hours.

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