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At the 2024 Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese tuner B-Dash showed an unusual project, which is a Toyota HiAce with the front end of a Toyota Land Cruiser J300 SUV and a very powerful audio system.

The headlights, grille and side air intakes are taken from the Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport, combined with a front bumper from Wald. The HiAce’s narrower face meant the Land Cruiser’s grille had to be cut in half and shortened, but the result looks very organic.

The rest of the body kit includes Essex Progress side skirts, body-color fender flares, a Stinger sport rear bumper and 20-inch Project D D-1SR wheels. Finally, the body was finished in a high-gloss Dark Red Mica Metallic finish.

The Getsu Ace, as B-Dash calls it, also features an updated interior. Most of the trunk is occupied by a new audio system from Diecock, with many speakers and amplifiers. The cabin appears to be a six-seat configuration, with black and red leather upholstery and a Recaro bucket driver’s seat.

There’s no mention of any engine improvements, meaning the good old HiAce retains its standard 2.7-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The chassis, on the other hand, has been modified with air suspension.

According to the official website of the Tokyo Motor Show, the Getsu Ace is the only one that cannot be driven on public roads.

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