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The front end of the new BMW M3 and M4 is often referred to as the “pig’s nose”. This is the most controversial design element that leaves few people indifferent. Some people are furious with it, while others are ready to try using it on older models, for example, on the E39 generation BMW 5 Series.

It must be said that BMW quite often shocked fans of the brand. For example, when it introduced the budget E36, or round headlights combined in a single transparent block. The same thing happened with the pig’s nose of the BMW M3, M4, i4 and the regular 4-series.

It’s surprising that there are tuning shops that are willing to add a pig’s nose to other BMW models. One such company is Unic Design. The guys just published what they are working on at the moment.

We don’t know yet whether it’s possible to order ready-made body kits from them. But we can imagine what the finished car will look like. And guess what? We’re definitely not happy with these improvements. What do you think?

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