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The Auto News of the Day portal found out that in January a price list for the 2024 F7/F7x family appeared on the brand’s official website. Compared to “last year’s” prices, the increase was 50-200 thousand rubles. The direct increase in price of all modifications is only 50 thousand rubles or 1.5-2.0 percent, and the difference of 200 thousand rubles is achieved due to the refusal of “direct benefits” on top trim levels.

At the end of December, prices for Haval F7/F7x returned to April levels, but attractive price lists were offered due to a discount of 150 thousand rubles. The promotion is valid for cars produced in 2023, but new crossovers are sold without any discounts. Taking into account the increase in price, the basic F7 costs from 2,449,000 rubles.

For an all-wheel drive Haval F7 you will have to pay 2,749,000 rubles, the version with a 2.0-liter engine costs from 2,949,000 rubles, and the top version now costs 3,349,000 rubles. To get a fashionable coupe-like version, you will have to add 50 thousand rubles for each configuration. The technology of the Tula-assembled “sevens” has not changed.

In 2023, the F7/F7x family took second place in the Haval Russian sales ranking. In our country, we managed to sell 16.3 thousand crossovers, the share of “sevens” in total Haval sales is 14.6 percent. Compared to 2022, demand for F7/F7x has doubled. However, the “sevens” are far from the bestseller – Haval Jolion: the difference in sales is threefold.

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