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A photograph of the first armored UAZ Patriot, developed by factory workers, has appeared.

It is reported that the car’s doors are equipped with stationary anti-fragmentation armor, and the windows and rear wall of the cabin are protected by removable armor plates. Previously, the UAZ company did not armor its vehicles; this task was usually performed by specialized companies.

The Patriot, with factory armor, apparently weighs significantly more than a standard SUV, but how much more weight has increased is not yet known. It is known that the suspension was reinforced with four-leaf springs, shock absorbers and springs.

The level of protection is also not specified – the only thing that is known is that the armor plates do not allow shell fragments to pass through. The power plant remains the same: it is a standard combination for the model of a 2.7-liter engine with a capacity of 149 horsepower and a Chinese five-speed manual transmission.

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