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The Kolomna company Avtokempperprom announced a new development – a mobile home called Navigator, created on the basis of the UAZ Patriot. This camper, made entirely from Russian components, will be presented at the Caravanex 2024 exhibition, which will be held in Kolomna from May 24 to 26.

The photographs show that the body of the SUV was shortened after the B pillar and replaced with a residential module of our own design. As a result, the dimensions of the camper have increased significantly: 5400 x 2100 x 3100 millimeters. The weight of the module is 2350 kilograms.

The module is designed to accommodate four people: one double bed is located above the cabin in the alcove, and the second is formed in place of the dining area. The equipment includes a bathroom with a shower and a dry closet, a single-burner stove, a refrigerator, two water tanks of 110 and 45 liters with a flow-through heater, two heaters and solar panels.

The UAZ Navigator can be additionally equipped with a three-meter sliding awning, a bicycle holder, a tow bar, a power bumper and light blocks on the roof. A washing machine, coffee maker and microwave are available for furnishing the living space.

The cost of a camper based on the Patriot has not yet been disclosed, but a motorhome on a modified Lada Niva chassis from the Avtokempperprom company costs at least 3.33 million rubles.

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