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An international taxi service has decided to end a long battle in Australia by agreeing to pay A$271.8 million (US$178 million) to local taxi drivers. This is compensation for the loss of revenue due to Uber’s entry into the market. They filed a class action lawsuit against the company and ultimately prevailed, achieving the fifth-largest settlement in the country.

Thousands of owners and drivers filed a lawsuit against Uber in 2019, accusing the company of violating laws requiring taxi and rental car licenses. They argued that in Australia, Uber was collecting revenue from licensed taxi drivers while at the same time depriving the value of the licenses they paid for out of pocket. Uber responded by saying that it did not intentionally break any laws.

“Uber has fought tooth and nail every step of the way,” said law firm Maurice Blackburn, which filed the lawsuit. As a result, after a five-year litigation, the service agreed to a settlement agreement and payment of a large amount. It will be shared by more than eight thousand taxi drivers.

This is not the first time Uber has had problems in Australia, where the company launched 12 years ago. In 2022, it was forced to pay a fine of 21 million local dollars for defrauding customers, and was also banned from charging trip cancellation fees for three years. In addition, she was required to always show the real price of the trip in the application.

Meanwhile, the Russian Yandex Taxi was suspected of violating antitrust laws. The attention of the FAS was drawn to the inflated prices for trips, as well as an unclear mechanism for blocking drivers and passengers. Despite the moratorium on business inspections, the FAS promised to study the company’s activities.

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