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Speaking to an audience in New York to mark World Environment Day, António Guterres attacked the oil and gas industry, accusing commodity giants of “distorting the truth, deceiving the public and sowing doubt.” The UN Secretary General compared advertising of fossil fuels with advertising of tobacco: they say that both cause irreparable harm to human health.

Antonio Guterres called on governments and the media to stop taking money from oil and gas businesses. He noted that the industry has invested just 2.5% of its costs in clean energy, and for decades the fossil fuel industry has “obstructed progress” on climate change.

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“Don’t let madmen fuel madness,” the UN Secretary General said, calling on the world of culture and sports to refuse advertising contracts with oil and gas tycoons. Antonio Guterres believes that only climate-neutral solutions should be promoted. There is no talk yet of banning advertising of gasoline and diesel cars, but it is obvious that such transport does not comply with the UN agenda.

American journalists noted that Guterres’ statements came at a time when electric vehicles began to lose in direct confrontation with their fuel counterparts: “battery” vehicles are much more expensive, infrastructure problems have not been resolved. It is clear that a possible ban on gasoline advertising could affect consumer behavior.

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