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This question was answered by analysts from the Business service, who analyzed data on ad views over the past year. They found that Chinese cars are growing in popularity on the secondary market, but only in one segment with a price of three million rubles. In addition, used crossovers are becoming more expensive, and the sale period is also increasing.

In the mentioned segment of used cars with a price of three to five million rubles, there is an active expansion of crossovers from China. So, if in 2023 the most popular model in this segment was the BMW X3 (G01), now it has been replaced by the Geely Monjaro. Over the year, the Monjaro has risen in price on the secondary market from 3.74 to 3.81 million rubles, and it is selling more slowly than before – the sales period is now 45 days instead of 15.

As for the average age of cars in this price range, for dealers it is 4.1 years, and for private sellers it is 5.8.

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Among crossovers costing 1.5-3 million rubles, the most popular was the second-generation Volkswagen Tiguan. Over the year, it rose in price by four percent, from 2.46 million rubles to 2.55 million.

Well, in the price category from 800 thousand to 1.5 million rubles, Renault Duster is in first place in popularity. It has also increased in price by four percent over the year: instead of 1.25 million rubles, the crossover now costs 1.3 million.

Analysts also note that the age of available crossovers on the secondary market has increased slightly over the past year – from 10 to 11.5 years for dealers and from nine to 9.7 years for private sellers.

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