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The culture of auto customization in Kazakhstan may not be as developed as in Russia, nevertheless, very interesting projects are being born there that we simply cannot pass by. For example, Moskvich-408 with an extended body and a 212-horsepower engine.

The old Moskvich was completely disassembled, all parts were sandblasted, and then some of them were cut in half to widen the body by 26 cm. Widened wheel arches were made, elongated rear fenders, and the roof was lowered and dynamically lowered at the rear. Of the four doors, only two remain.

The front panel in the cabin is made from scratch, but the dashboard is recognizable as a Toyota Altezza. An automatic transmission unit with a selector and an oval base was taken from the same car.

Under the hood they placed the Japanese 3S-GE engine, which was equipped with the Toyota Celica, RAV4, Altezza and even the MR2 roadster. The motor was specially ordered from Vladivostok for this project. In the top version it produces 212 horsepower.

Work on the project lasted about six months, but after all this the car was even legalized for public roads. After this, the car appeared at several local car events.

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