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The flagship all-wheel drive Volkswagen Golf R in its new generation will be declassified on June 26, but for now the German automaker is gradually revealing details about its hot new product in every sense. A new piece of information concerns the rims of the most powerful modification in the history of the model. Wheels of a special design and construction were developed especially for the Golf R, which are designed to maximize the performance of the model. Well, and at the same time have a positive effect on her appearance.

The innovative 19-inch Warmenau forged wheels were developed by Volkswagen R in collaboration with Volkswagen Design and can be ordered as an option on all new Golf R models. Weighing just eight kilograms, the new wheels are approximately 20 percent lighter than comparable alloy wheels – reducing unsprung weight and provides excellent handling.

The new Volkswagen Golf R will be the most powerful in history

The wheel rim design is based on ten overlapping rectangles. “We tried different proportions to make the wheel look as large as possible. Stability and wear resistance have been improved thanks to a high opening ratio of 71 percent,” said Volkswagen designer Ranbir Kalha.

“This allows the brakes to be cooled even more effectively, thereby reducing thermal stress, especially on race tracks,” he added. The Warmenau wheel is named after Volkswagen R’s headquarters in the village of Warmenau on the outskirts of Wolfsburg – the wheels will be available in black or dark gray, and their design is inspired by the wheels of the first Golf R32 sports models.

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