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The German brand Volkswagen, in partnership with the Israeli company Mobileye, plans to equip cars with new automated driving technologies. Production models will receive driving assistance software from the European brand’s partner. New technologies will be used in Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley and Porsche models, the brands of which are controlled by the VW concern. Through cooperation with an Israeli startup, Volkswagen hopes to put the Level 4 autonomous shuttle into mass production.

The company plans to integrate an automatic red light stop system, roundabout and intersection assistance and other advanced technologies. The new software should also appear in the brand’s commercial vehicles. It is expected that the basis for the new project will be ID.Buzz with hardware and software from the Israeli company. Such a car will hit the roads, as the company plans, in 2026. However, the modules that are used in this minivan will be presented in other models of the concern (photo: Volkswagen).

Meanwhile, premium cars in Russia became much more popular in February. Demand increased by 3 times in annual terms.

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