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In the spring of 2024, Volkswagen introduced the new California campervan, which is based on the commercial model of the current generation T7 Multivan. The car received a lifting roof with a tent, a transformable interior, a small built-in kitchen with a sink, stove and many storage drawers. But for those who don’t need such luxury, the German automaker has now prepared an optional Good Night Package for the base minivan.

The main element is a folding bed, which is installed on top of the folded seats and attached to the body elements. The sleeping area, consisting of a lattice frame and a mattress 2.02 meters long and 1.21 meters wide, allows you to organize a bed for two adults.

Volkswagen introduced a new campervan with a lifting roof based on the T7 Multivan

It can be placed either on top of folded seats or in an empty cabin, allowing you to use the space under the bed as storage space. When folded, the bed is located behind the second-row seats or above the folded third-row seats. The shades can be attached to the windshield, rear and side windows using built-in magnets or plastic inserts. If the Multivan is equipped with the optional panoramic glass roof, it can also be darkened with a curtain.

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Ventilation grilles are installed on the front side windows, in which, using electric windows, you can regulate the amount of fresh air entering the cabin at night. For 2868 euros you can purchase the basic version of the Good Night Package with the listed options, and for 3356 euros, buyers will additionally receive a set of folding furniture, including a table and two chairs.

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