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Journalists from km77 tested the new Volkswagen Passat Variant, which was challenged with the traditional “moose test”. As part of the tests, the car must abruptly change lanes – as if meeting a real animal – into the next lane and then return back. The German electric car failed to perform this maneuver at a speed of 77 kilometers per hour. The speed was below the qualifying threshold, but overall, the experts gave a positive assessment of the handling.

The test car was a “wagon” equipped with a 150-horsepower diesel power plant and front-wheel drive – this version is shod with 19-inch Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. The Passat Variant failed to pass the test at a speed of 77 kilometers per hour.

The German model was only able to hold on to the cone corridor in the “moose test” at 74 kilometers per hour. According to experts, they have no complaints about the car. “This is a good car that leaves a good impression. It is difficult to find fault with it – it is pleasant to drive, and its behavior during maneuvers is correct, safe and simple,” the journalists noted.

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