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The Xpeng company shared photos of the new product of the MONA sub-brand – an inexpensive sedan that is aimed at a youth audience. MONA is an acronym for Made Of New AI, which stands for “made from new artificial intelligence.” The design is really typical and seems to be generated by a neural network. The interior should be even simpler: one touchscreen in the center, that’s the whole interface!

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Xpeng became known to the general public when it shared its old platform with the auto giant Volkswagen. Plans to release cheap models with a price starting from 100 thousand yuan (14 thousand dollars) were announced in the spring, and now the first-born – MONA M03 – has been shown.

Xpeng Xpeng Xpeng

There are few details yet: according to unofficial data, the development was carried out with the participation of the taxi aggregator DiDi, that is, the aim is obvious at corporate parks. The technology should be simple: lithium iron phosphate batteries will be purchased from BYD, there will be no all-wheel drive, and the range without recharging will be about 500 kilometers. The premiere of MONA M03 is expected in the summer.

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Currently, the most affordable Xpeng model is the P5 sedan for 157 thousand yuan ($21.6 thousand). The new MONA will definitely be cheaper, and the final price will be the determining factor in the competitive Chinese market.

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