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A representative of the Swedish brand confirmed that production of the 60 at a plant in South Carolina will stop within two weeks. Volvo is ditching the global S60 to focus on its electric flagship EX90. The Volvo V60 station wagon will remain in service: it is not yet in danger of retirement. The S60 sedan will continue to be produced in China, but only for the domestic and Australian markets.

Sales of the Volvo S60 in the United States almost quadrupled at the end of May 2024, but in absolute terms, circulation numbers have always been small. Even in its most successful years, the Swedish brand did not sell more than 20 thousand sedans, while the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class found one and a half to two times as many buyers.

The most technologically advanced Volvo: the EX90 electric crossover is presented. We study the Volvo V60 Cross Country in detail in the long-term “Coffin for Snow White” test: the Volvo 1800 ES station wagon is half a century old

Volvo does not hide the fact that the retirement of the S60 is connected with the start of production of the EX90 electric crossover. This model should be more marginal and numerous. The price speaks for itself: the base EX90 starts at $78 thousand, while the S60 can be purchased for $43.6 thousand.

There is no talk of a successor to the Volvo S60 yet, meaning the model’s 24-year history is close to ending. This means that there will be only one sedan left in the range – the S90 business model. However, the brand’s bestsellers both in the USA and around the world are crossovers, for example, in North America the evergreen XC90 is the top seller (circulation of 40 thousand units by the end of 2023).

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