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The Spanish branch of Volkswagen has announced the retirement of the model, which was assembled at the plant in Pamplona for more than 40 years. It’s all about re-equipping the plant: the transformation to produce compact electric cars Skoda and Volkswagen will take time. There is no talk yet about ending sales of Polo in Europe or reducing the range: hatchbacks will simply be imported from South Africa.

The Pamplona plant is the record holder for the production of Volkswagen Polo, as 8,422,161 cars were produced at this site! The last example was an unremarkable hatchback in a poor Life trim level with a 1.0-liter turbo engine (95 hp) and a 5-speed manual. The car was painted blue and sent for sale to Spain.

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The President of Volkswagen Navarra emphasized that Polo “gave the plant everything: a solid past and present, which allow us to look with confidence into the electric future.” At the same time, the departure of the small car from the European market is postponed: Volkswagen CEO Markus Schaefer confirmed that the easing of emission standards will allow Polo to remain in the lineup until the end of the decade.

In other countries, the Volkswagen Polo is not in any danger: the bestseller is assembled not only in South Africa, but also in Algeria, Brazil and China. Completely different small cars are produced under the same name: for example, in South America there is a utilitarian cross-version.

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