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Already at the factory 111 years ago, the model with a removable hardtop received an all-electric powertrain. However, over the years of operation, the rare car was equipped with many new parts, including modern electrical system components. The Mecum auction house has not yet disclosed the starting price of the vintage electric car.

At the beginning of the 20th century, electric cars were produced as a silent and easy-to-drive alternative to gasoline cars. Such models did not require complex engine starting procedures and regular maintenance, so they were in demand among women. The presented specimen was collected in 1931 for a resident of the American state of Virginia.

Externally, the 111-year-old electric car resembles a classic carriage with two doors. Inside there is a two-seater leather sofa with a footrest, as well as a lever for steering the wheels. The instrument panel is a volt and ammeter. In addition, the car is equipped with a removable hard roof, which can be replaced with a fabric top in the summer.

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The current owner of the model has replaced some of the electrical system components with modern analogues. In particular, the electric car received a new battery that can be powered from a household network. The technical characteristics of the vintage electric car are unknown. At the beginning of the last century, Waverly cars could travel up to 160 kilometers without recharging.

Last August, a rare, century-old Cadillac Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton was sold in Russia. At that time, more than 111 million rubles were asked for an exclusive car from 1927.

Charged: in every sense. New powerful electric cars

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