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### Lynk & Co Z10 Geely and Volvo [представили]( electric sedan based on Zeekr 001: its presentation took place in the Swedish company’s native Gothenburg. The modernized liftback shares its 800-volt architecture with the new product, and the distance between the axles of both models is 3005 millimeters. The dimensions of the four-door are 5028 x 1966 x 1468 millimeters. So the Z10 is slightly larger than the Zeekr 007 sedan, but the interiors are almost identical. Here there are similar screens and a similar design of the instrument panel, even the steering wheels and power window buttons look almost the same. The electric car has excellent aerodynamics with an air resistance coefficient of 0.198. It is promised air suspension, and the list of options includes lidars, seats with massage and ventilation, a panoramic roof, wireless chargers for smartphones and a head-up display. The all-wheel drive vehicle will accelerate to 60 mph in approximately 3.5 seconds and has a range of up to 583 kilometers. Detailed information will appear in the second half of July, when sales begin on the home market. ###Xpeng MONA M03 [Опубликованы]( photos of the first model under the new sub-brand of Xpeng.
Xpeng The brand name stands for Made Of New AI – “created on the basis of new artificial intelligence.” The company’s intention to produce inexpensive electric cars starting at 100 thousand yuan became known in the spring.
Xpeng According to some reports, the taxi aggregator DiDi helped in its creation: the car is probably designed for corporate fleets. The technical content will probably be quite modest.
Xpeng Lithium iron phosphate batteries will be supplied by BYD, there is no need to wait for all-wheel drive, and the range will be about 500 kilometers. The full debut will take place in the summer.
Xpeng ### Luxeed R7 Chery and Huawei [представили]( a new product that will hit the market in the second half of the year. The brand’s first crossover will accompany the S7 sedan. The R in the title alludes to “revolution”. Externally, the model is close (naturally, taking into account a different form factor) to the four-door model that debuted in 2023 on the Chery E0X architecture.
Luxeed The length, width and height are 4.96, 1.98 and 1.63 meters respectively, the distance between the axles is 2.95 meters. The car will receive pure electric and hybrid powertrains, and both versions will have an 800-volt electrical system. The single-wheel drive version with one engine will produce up to 292 horsepower, the all-wheel drive version – 496 horsepower.
Luxeed The range on one charge reaches 855 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. The interior is borrowed almost unchanged from the S7. The package will include a multimedia system based on Huawei’s HarmonyOS, the smart autonomous control function Qiankun ADS 3.0 and a 4D millimeter-wave radar.
Luxeed ### BAW 212 Legendary all-terrain vehicle [сменил поколение]( for the first time in almost six decades of production. The car will be the founder of a whole range, which will include three- and five-door SUVs, as well as a pickup truck. In addition, gasoline modifications and hybrids have been announced. The model debuted as a five-door with a two-liter 245-horsepower Dongan Power gasoline engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission and part-time all-wheel drive. There is a “lowering” and lockable cross-axle differentials. The approach and departure angles are 40 and 36 degrees, respectively. The dimensions are 4749 x 1945 x 1999 millimeters, the distance between the axes is 2860 millimeters. The interior features plenty of physical keys, a floating central display and a digital instrument panel. Already in the “base” the car is prepared to accommodate a winch and a power rack; the size of the stock BF Goodrich tires is 265/70 R17. Sales will begin this year. ### Onvo L60 A sub-brand of Nio, called Onvo (Ledao in China), [представил]( my first creation. The exterior of the electric coupe-crossover was designed by the former head of the Bentley styling studio, Raoul Pires.
Nio The car is called a rival to the Tesla Model Y. It has a 900-volt architecture, an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.229 and low energy consumption – 12.1 kilowatt-hours per hundred kilometers.
Nio The capacity of the traction battery is 60 or 85 kilowatt-hours, the range on a single charge is 555 and 730 kilometers, respectively, and later the range is promised to be increased to a thousand kilometers.
Nio The package includes adaptive shock absorbers, a multimedia system with a 17.2-inch touchscreen, a projection screen, an eight-inch display for second-row passengers, a panoramic roof, cameras and radar. In China, sales will start in early autumn.
Nio ### Haval H9 In China [началась]( assembly of the second generation SUV: it was set up at the Great Wall Motor plant in Chongqing. Machine parameters [раскрыли]( at an exhibition in Beijing.
Haval The new product is longer, wider and higher than the first generation model by 11, five and three centimeters, respectively, the distance between the axles is increased by five centimeters. Ground clearance has increased by 18 millimeters (to 224), approach and departure angles are 31 and 25 degrees instead of 28 and 23 previously.
Haval The trunk door still opens sideways, but now has a full-size spare tire mounted on it. The cabin can accommodate five or seven passengers. Buyers will be offered two modifications with all-wheel drive, low-speed steering and lockable cross-axle differentials.
Haval The most modest version will be equipped with a two-liter gasoline turbo engine (224 horsepower, 385 Nm) and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The new 2.4 diesel (186 horsepower, 480 Nm) is combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Automotive companies from China have picked up serious momentum and do not intend to stop. They regularly release more and more new cars under countless brands. For example, only recently a relatively affordable electric sedan and two “battery-powered” coupe-crossovers have been declassified, the iconic all-terrain vehicle has changed generations for the first time in almost 60 years, and the heir to the well-known SUV has entered the assembly line. All these cars have a good chance of coming to our country sooner or later, and one of them will even be produced at a Russian plant.

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