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Production of new cars has increased sharply in Kazakhstan

The automotive industry in Kazakhstan is experiencing a period of active growth. Last year, production of cars and trucks at local factories increased by a third compared to the previous year, exceeding 150 thousand units. A number of factors contributed to this.

Firstly, the availability of car loans for the population has expanded. Thanks to flexible credit programs, many Kazakhstanis who previously could not afford a new car were able to acquire one. This stimulated demand for the products of the domestic automobile industry. Secondly, cooperation between local factories and foreign manufacturers of automotive components has been established. Kazakh enterprises enter into contracts for the supply of components and parts with companies from China, South Korea, and Russia. This allows us to increase localization and reduce the cost of cars.

The automobile industry of Kazakhstan is demonstrating strong growth, which opens up new prospects both in the domestic market and in export directions. The launch of enterprises for the production of automotive components is already planned. Experts believe that such growth rates will make it possible not only to meet domestic demand, but also to begin supplying Kazakhstani cars to other countries. (photo:

Last but not least, the Kazakh auto industry is now on the rise due to Chinese companies. In particular, the Chery brand announced the appearance of 30 new models in the next two years.

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