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The traffic police of the Russian Federation spoke about a new method of stealing valuables from a car

New drivers are often targeted by scammers. One of the common methods of deception is placing suspicious objects on a car in order to lure the owner out of the car.

Recently, a representative of the State Traffic Inspectorate spoke in an interview with the portal about a dangerous trick using a plastic bag. For scammers, a new car is a clear sign of the owner’s wealth. The desire to quickly get hold of other people’s money pushes them to commit crimes. Here is the scam scenario. You return to your parked car and get inside. Start the engine, get ready to set off, and suddenly you notice a suspicious object on the rearview mirror that looks like a bag or a rag. To get rid of it, you will have to leave the salon.

This is exactly what the scammers are trying to achieve. They quietly monitor your car, waiting for the moment when you open the door, leaving valuables inside – a bag, wallet, phone. In a matter of seconds they will grab their prey and disappear. Or they might even steal a car with the keys in the ignition. In short, if you find a suspicious item in your car, it is better to leave immediately and only get rid of it in a safe place. This way you will avoid the unpleasant consequences of a clever scam. (photo:

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