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This became known after the Atlant-M dealership began supplying cars from the Middle Kingdom to the union state. It turned out that the cost of Zeekr models is much lower than the prices of Chinese cars imported to Russia under the parallel import scheme. At the same time, it is not profitable for our compatriots to buy such cars due to the new rules for importing into the country.

The cost of Zeekr X in Belarus starts from 126 thousand rubles (about 3.5 million Russian rubles). The electric liftback Zeekr 001 can be purchased for 166,500 rubles (4.7 million Russian). Moreover, in Russia the latter is offered for at least 5.5 million rubles. Dealers sell both official cars and models imported through parallel imports. At the same time, all vehicles are cleared through customs at a zero rate.

Despite the favorable offer, Russians will have to pay extra for transporting cars across the border. According to the rules that will come into force on April 1, the final buyer of the car will have to pay the recycling fee. In the case of electric cars and hybrids, owners will have to pay VAT and excise duty.

Thus, Russians will have to pay about three million rubles for Zeekr 001. As a result, the final cost of the electric car will be approximately 7.7 million.

In mid-March, it became known that buyers of foreign cars will have to pay the full rate for recycling duty. The surcharge for cars can reach 840,000 rubles.

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