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You can save money when buying four Changan cars on the Russian market

The first month of the year was marked by some interesting news. One of them concerns the Changan brand. As it became known, four models of the brand have become more affordable. On average, the cost of these cars decreased by 40-200 thousand rubles. In percentage terms, the discount is characterized by an indicator of 1.7-4.1%.

Changan Eado Plus

To be more precise, in this case we are talking about “Direct Benefit”, which is provided for Eado Plus, Uni-K, Alsvin and Uni-K iDD. As for the first, its price is reduced due to this option by forty thousand rubles or 1.7-1.8 percent. The benefit extends to two variations. As a result, its price is characterized by a value of 1.65 and 1.699 million rubles. At the same time, for Changan Alsvin a discount of seventy thousand rubles is provided, which is four percent. Now they are asking for it from 2.229 to 2.299 million rubles.

Changan Uni-K iDD

At the same time, the crossover is available on the Russian market in both standard and hybrid versions. In the first case, the discount is one hundred thousand rubles, and in the second – two hundred thousand rubles. If we talk about the final price tag, then for the standard version dealers are asking 3.439-4.039 million rubles, and for the hybrid version – from 5.019 million rubles. Additionally, with this bonus you can get a discount under the Trade-in program (photo: Changan).

Meanwhile, Chery is preparing to debut a new Carrier pickup truck. The first details about the model and photos have already appeared on the Internet.

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