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The updated Zeekr 001 2024 caused a real stir, collecting more than 20 thousand applications in China. At the same time, such a number of people willing to purchase an electric car from Zikr were found in less than 3 weeks. Let us remind you that pre-sales began at the end of last month.

The Gili subsidiary has ambitious plans for its new product, planning to collect 30,000 armor within a month. The company is positioning the model as a completely new one, and not an updated one, since it differs from its predecessor in 1,118 points. During the modernization process, various aspects were touched upon, including intelligent systems. Despite this, the price tag has even become lower – by 10% in the basic version (photo:

The cost is 3.42 million rubles at the current exchange rate. Demand is caused not only by this factor, but also by the presence of bonuses for buyers. If you order before March 31, for example, you can get a lifetime subscription to the intelligent assistance system.

Meanwhile, another Chinese electric car, the Ora 03 GT, was tested in winter conditions in Russia. Externally, the new product resembles the British Mini Cooper.

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