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Against the background of the rapidly growing popularity of pickup trucks in Russia, a new budget model of domestic production may appear. We are talking about the conceptual ZIS-101 “Plaza” 2024 – a potential ultra-cheap pickup truck created on the basis of the Indian light-duty truck Mahindra Imperio. His hypothetical images were shown on the pages of the website “”.

According to the independent designer, the new product could fill the gap in the segment of inexpensive trucks left after the departure of a number of foreign brands. The estimated price of the ZIS “Plaza” in the basic version would not exceed 1 million rubles. And given the minimal costs of localizing the existing Mahindra Imperio model, costing about 800 thousand rubles, the launch of production of the Plaza looks like a completely realistic scenario. Especially against the backdrop of the Indian company’s interest in expanding into markets devoid of competitors.

However, Mahindra itself, which also specializes in producing tractors for many countries, is unlikely to decide to enter Russia directly. It is much more likely that its budget pickup trucks will be assembled under the Russian brand and with government support. Thus, the chances of an affordable domestic pickup truck based on Indian technology appearing quite good. And if the ZIS-101 “Plaza” 2024 project is nevertheless implemented, it will certainly become a serious competitor to the UAZ Pickup in the fight for connoisseurs of inexpensive pickups.

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