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AvtoVAZ returned Lada Niva anti-lock braking system and environmentally friendly engines

The Togliatti manufacturer announced the start of production of the modernized Lada Niva Legend and Niva Travel 2024. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) and engines of the Euro-5 eco-standard returned to the Niva, which led to an increase in price: the starting price of the classic Niva Legend increased by 97 thousand rubles, and the Niva Travel by 16.6 thousand.

Engine control units for the Euro-5 standard were created in Russia and are therefore protected from sanctions, AvtoVAZ notes. The same goes for the anti-lock braking system. It is probably supplied by the Kostroma company Itelma, which has declared its readiness to supply ABS to all Russian factories. In December, it plans to launch production of a domestic electronic stabilization system (ESP).

The press service assures that cars with Russian innovations have undergone a full range of tests in different conditions, including in the mountains, and have been checked for electromagnetic compatibility. The cost of the Lada Niva Legend in the modernized version will start from 927,500 rubles, Niva Travel – from 1,215,500.

In addition, several new options will appear in the “expensive” Lada Niva Travel trim levels: cruise control with a speed limiter function, an on-board computer, permanent dashboard lighting and stylish two-tone alloy wheels. Their cost has not yet been disclosed.

Previously, Nivas rolled off the production line without ABS and with Euro-2 engines. The authorities temporarily allowed the authorities to neglect the environment and safety in order to support manufacturers against the backdrop of sanctions.

AvtoVAZ also clarified the start date for production of the Lada Granta replacement. Assembly of the Lada Iskra will begin in early 2025 – a little later than originally planned. At first it will be released together with Granta, and after that it will completely replace it.

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