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According to the Kommersant publication, the corresponding draft road map was developed by representatives of the Ministry of Transport. Registration of personal mobility equipment will allow you to control equipment owned by individuals. At the same time, all accidents that occurred with the participation of SIM will be included in the reporting of Rosstat.

The system for registering personal mobility devices will be similar to registering cars with the traffic police. The procedure for entering equipment into the federal register will become a public service. Both individuals and legal entities will be required to register the data of electric scooters.

The Ministry of Transport stated that the term “person using a personal mobility device for transportation” must be added to the traffic rules; the concepts of “ahead of a pedestrian” and “overtaking a pedestrian” (on SIM); and also specify the conditions under which these maneuvers can be performed.

In addition, the department proposes to prohibit driving electric scooters while intoxicated, and also to give inspectors the opportunity to conduct medical examinations for the presence of alcohol in the blood of users of the equipment. Experts have proposed introducing increased fines for traffic violators.

At the end of August, residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg called for a ban on electric scooters. The Russians decided to adopt the experience of Paris.

A very unusual electric vehicle

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